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Jacklyn R. Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Kingdom Travel Group was discovered by Jacklyn Miller because of her love and passion for travel.  Jacklyn has over 24 years of Human Resource experience in her background and many years of travel which she endeavors to share with the world.  Jacklyn had the vision to bring travel exposure to underprivileged children who never had the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their hometown.  Jacklyn wanted the children to have an opportunity to see the world through a different lens.  Jacklyn’s decision to take part in the travel industry only confirmed what had been a part of her destiny from the very beginning.  Sharing the love and passion of travel with others has become second nature to Jacklyn.  Jacklyn has put together a professional dedicated expert travel team that is awaiting your call – Contact Kingdom Travel Group today to book your next vacation. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best travel and vacation experiences that supersede our customer's expectations. Kingdom Travel Group will provide stellar treatment and integrity concerning every detail to make traveling easy and enjoyable. Kingdom Travel Group's awareness of market change allows our agency to provide flexible services and the ability to produce growth. This is what will make Kingdom Travel Group the most successful travel company in the world. Our focus is to incorporate key business elements such as:

•Building strong relationships with clients and suppliers

•Accessing new technologies

•Ensuring competitive pricing

•Marketing to the new majority

•Providing a personalized travel experience

Vision Statement

Creating infinite memories through travel


Daniela Kennedy

Executive Development Coordinator

Daniela Kennedy joined Kingdom Travel Group as a verified travel consultant after 15 years of leisure and corporate travel experience in both domestic and international.  Daniela has Human Resource experience and in her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, her dog Sadie, as well as drawing and painting. Please call or email Daniela today to book your next vacation.


Ella Chesnee 

Travel Consultant

Ella Chesnee joined Kingdom Travel Group as a verified travel consultant because of her love for travel.  Ella has a background in Human Resource and Customer Service. Ella has a unique ability to truly listen to clients and translate their travel wants into travel realities. Please email Ella today to book your next vacation.


Mikayla Kennedy

Social Media Consultant 

Mikayla Kennedy joined Kingdom Travel Group as a web designer and social media expert. Mikayla has a background in travel blogging and social media marketing. Mikayla also specializes in theme park travel. Please email Mikayla today to book your next theme park adventure. 


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